Gotland Sheep

Luna, Indigo and Iris

Gotland Sheep

Originating from Gotland, a Swedish Island in the Baltic Sea, Gotland sheep are medium sized, polled sheep are typically found in shades of grey from silver to charcoal, and have clean black faces & legs.  The wool is prized by handspinners and fiber enthusiasts alike.  In Sweden they are also called the Gotland Pelt Sheep, and are prized for their pelts.  A relatively new and rare breed in the US, Gotland genetics were introduced in 2003 and have been part of an up-breeding program.  

Gotland in Wisconsin

Our sheep range from 83% – 98%, and here at Namekagon Valley Farm we strive for excellent conformation, high quality wool in a range of gray from silver to charcoal, gourmet market lamb, and friendly, hardy sheep.  More than a beautiful pasture ornament (which, they are!), our sheep are also helping us with pasture management by grazing invasive weeds and improving soil health with rotational grazing practices.

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