Namekagon Valley Showcase

A showcase featuring fiber artists using Gotland wool from Namekagon Valley Farm & Studio.

We absolutely love seeing what you create! Please send your photos and links to be featured in this space!

Bear Creek Felting
Absolutely outstanding fiber artist Teresa Perleberg offers all things felting on her website, including needle felting kits and an online needle felting course. This needle-felted sheep from our wool was Teresa’s take on the Gotland breed as part of her “Felting through the Breeds” series.

Razzle Dazzle Rabbitry & Yarns LLC
Stephanie purchased one of our lambs fleeces (Steve) and shows how to wash & dry Gotland wool, and also walks through the steps of how to drum card, spin, and ply with Gotland fiber blended with her amazing Angora. She also has a video about how to spin a more consistent yarn that features some of our Gotland wool. She raises Angora rabbits with exceptional fiber, be sure to check out her website, facebook page, and youtube channels!

Fiddle Ridge Knits
Annie from Fiddle Ridge Knits is a knitter extraordinaire among other talents! She whipped up this gorgeous Vermont Cardigan from our Gotland wool using the pattern available from Vermont Grand View Farm. She creates gorgeous hats, mittens, scarves, and other knit items for sale, and will take commissions as well!
Be sure to check out her website, etsy shop, & facebook page too!