Gotland Fleece Madison 23


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“Madison” – 2023 Spring Fleece, yearling ewe

2lb, 1-3″ Average staple

Spring fleece, skirted, some vm, short, this fleece is on its way to being your next felting project!

About our wool:

This is a raw, skirted, unwashed fleece from one of our wonderful Gotland sheep.  We keep a small flock of friendly Gotland sheep on our farm in northern Wisconsin.  They are rotationally grazed on pasture during the grazing season, and as a result our fall fleeces are exceptionally clean.  Spring fleeces are typically shorter and have more of a “fluffy” coat that has kept them warm through the winter.  Handspinners will delight in our fall fleeces, and felters & crafters will find the spring fleeces make lovely material to work with.